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Hawkstone Hall photoshoot

For our first blog post we decided to tell you about the photoshoot we did in June.

We were asked to take part in this wonderful photoshoot at the stunning Hawkstone hall in Weston, Shrewsbury. We had the pleasure of dressing the ball room with its beautiful ceiling. Keeping in with the style of the room we went with a more subtle look so as not to take away from the amazing decor already there so went with a look of green foliage and candle light. There were splashes of colour just to bring more texture and the break up some of the green.

Candles brought lovely soft light to the look and the lanterns gave some height. The fireplace was covered in flowers, foliage and lights keeping in with the theme and we finished with the ceremony table, with our woodland garland and candles. Sashes were added to the aisle chairs to make more of a feature of the aisle drawing your eye to it. Our welcome sign just outside the room gave a lovely addition to the decor leading into the room. Then chandeliers have been carefully place alongside the grand mirror complimenting it.

Photography by: Nicola Gough Photography



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